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A Common Cause; the buzz that is cooperative learning

The buzz right now is “Cooperative Learning”; staff are on courses for it so students can do it! Our own school’s whole school staff CPD has encouraged us [teachers] to be collaborative and cooperative learners. Recently I was interviewed by … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: A Practical Approach for Deeper Learning

“Deep learning is the central principle of Curriculum for Excellence. It involves knowledge and understanding and the skills to apply knowledge in useful ways.” High Order Skills Excellence Group Feb 2011 Deep learning or active learning as described in CfE … Continue reading

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Annoying IT/internet policies?

This appeared on twitter the other day. Not happy with 140 characters I’ve tried to organise my thoughts and synthesise some of the conversations had over the past few months. From the conversation had with colleagues form around the country there is, … Continue reading

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When Children Are left Alone

Following my last post on Active Learning I thought I’d blog an example from my own experience. Investigate the effects on the environment from the generation of electricity, that’s the challenge our new CfE S1 Technological Inquiry sets the pupils. They are … Continue reading

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The lighting of a fire

I saw this the other day and can only surmise that the individual concerned was quite happy with ‘5-to-14’. When I was in industry if something was not Fit-For-Purpose it was changed or discarded and ‘5-to-14’ was not Fit-For-Purpose, it … Continue reading

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What do we mean by Active Learning?

This question was posed as a way of ‘advertising’ a CPD session. The shortest answer given was simply a department’s name, the inference being that the department in question was ‘active learning’ – can this be true? Building the Curriculum … Continue reading

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