About The Author

So here’s a little about me, author of this weblog.

Name: Gareth Sugrey

Age: not important

Occupation: Educator of children (well, teenagers @ High School – 12 to 18)

I am a husband (of 28 years standing), father of two great teenagers, an educator of children and teacher of Technology. If you count my probation year then I’ve been teaching for 11 years (in Fife).

Prior to starting my PGCE I was a Projects Manager for OIPT in Yatton (near Bristol). Before that I worked for SEH(E), a Japanese silicon manufacturer, where I held post as an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer and latterly Production Manager.

My degree is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which I obtained from Napier University. Before all that I spent 12 years in HM Naval Base Rosyth as a Mechanical Fitter, during which time I also worked as a part-time youth-worker in Kirkcaldy.

My Take (on it all).

I believe that knowledge is best constructed by the individual in a social context and as social animals we learn best when learning is a social activity, therefore teaching is all about relationships. Learning should be active with many paths to a given goal. To this end the classroom should be a socially and educationally safe environment; where pupils can express themselves verbally or artistically without fear of ridicule; where they have the right to be wrong in exploring their understanding [it’s not about not falling down, but how we get back up], with no attached consequences (asides from that for persistent inappropriate behaviour) and where they can build on their understanding led by a professional and supported by their peers. Learning should be fun, lest we forget!


6 Responses to About The Author

  1. Hello Gareth,
    I thoroughly enjoy your take on education, and find your work very valuable. I am writing a book on education and would like to ask your permission to use the “Asking Thinking Questions” graphic.

    I apologize for using this forum for this request. Please let me know if I can contact you via regular email — mine is traceytokuhamaespinosa@gmail.com


  2. Gareth, still hoping to hear back from you — my book goes to press in days and I would like to secure your permission for the table your “Asking Thinking Questions” pyramid. Thanks for getting back to me! traceytokuhamaespinosa@gmail.com


  3. Roy Jensen says:


    Like Tracy, I would appreciate permission to incorporate your “Asking Thinking Questions” pyramid into a science communication book I am writing. 🙂
    More on Communicating Science, including an extensive preview, is available at
    Your graphic would be included in a much-expanded Chapter 3.

    Roy Jensen

  4. Roy Jensen says:

    I guess you don’t have access to the email I used to validate the comment. 🙂
    Contact me at “rj consol.ca”

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